Kore is the essence of who you are. Our body's "core" represents your inner and outer self; mind, body, and spirit. 

Kore Kitchen is a curated and nutritionally designed, meal delivery service and cleanse offering based in Los Angeles. Our intention is to help you adapt a healthier lifestyle, in a pleasurable and convenient way. Our nutritional philosophy is simple: eat whole, organic foods, which are local and sustainably sourced. All of our programs are designed to enhance and strengthen your Kore, allowing your natural beauty to shine from the inside out. 



Your mental well being. You must feed your mind just as you feed your body, and to make your mind healthy you must feed it nourishing, wholesome thoughts. The thoughts you think are creating your reality and forming the world around you. Every thought we think has an effect on the body. Remember that you always have a choice in which thoughts you listen to.



Your physical well being. Your body is your physical vessel that carries you through life. The human body is one of the best working machines in nature when cared for properly and given the right fuel. Support your body’s health by eating organic foods in their whole form, drinking clean water, and sweating in any activity of your choice on a daily basis. Our bodies are an outward manifestation of what we eat, think, and do. 



Your spiritual well being. This is a manifestation of your intelligent energy. Nourish your soul by being grateful, generous, thoughtful, conscious, and have a meaningful purpose in life. Although your spirit is not a tangible part of your body, it is something you feel within your heart, and how you make others feel.